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Injection Molding machine

Injection molding machine which clamping force is from 40T to 650T and the theoretical injection capacity is from 70cm3 to 6200 cm3. The plastics injection molding machines in LY series from our company have following characteristics: advanced technology, high efficiency, energy saving, safety and reliability, high economical benefit, etc.

Injection molding machine have been exported to Jordan, Burma, Africa, Russia and so on.

Injection part:

4 stages digit controlled injection and 3 stages pressure holding

2 stages digit control for pressures and speed of pre-plasticizing

Control on the time and position of the initial pressure holding point

Nitrogen screw and barrel

Overflow resist unit in screw

Adjustable back pressure device for pre-plasticizing

Protection to avoid cold start of screw and material

Supervision of injection position

Choice of 3 types for driving and reversing action

Slide proof aluminum figures cover

Molding clamping part:

3stages digit controlled switches for mold pressure, speed and position.

Automatic molding adjusting

Automatic central lubrication system

Multiple hydraulic mold-ejecting method

Low pressure mold protection

Mechanical .electrical dual safety interlock protection

Mold cooling water divider

Back plate designed without supporting board

Hydraulic part:

 High speed differential clamping device

Ratio control system for pressure and flow volume

High performance imported hydraulic optimization grouping

Electrical part:

Unique fully computer controlled system for Victor injection molding machine

100 sets of mold recording storage memory

Wide screen of LCD display

Liner displacement sensor controlling injection clamping (and ejection)

PID temperature monitoring system for pre-heating and manufacturing

Display of temperature difference

Automatic detecting for functional programming

I/O checking for hardware of system

Alarm for fault, emergency off control, motor safety protection on it.

Connector left for robot, 2 sets of plug for input force