There are many kinds of production technology of large capacity capsule bottle, generally using extrusion blow molding(EBM) and injection blow molding(IBM) two kinds of technology.Compared with the two technologies, the IBM technology is more suitable for the production of capsule bottles,the advantages as follow:
(1)The mechanical strength of the bottle body is high, impact resistance is not easy to break.
(2)The size of the bottle neck is accurate, and it can be 100% guaranteed to to get perfect fitment with the cap.
(3)The plastic cap safety ring can be directly molded to match the safety cap.
(4)The weight and size of the pouch can be set in advance.
(5)It can be multi – cavity mold, improve production efficiency.
(6)The surface of the bottle mouth and body is good.
(7)The bottle parting line is smooth and not obvious.
(8)The bottom and neck of plastic bottle is free of burr waste, saving raw materials.
(9)It is more suitable for forming hard plastic medicine bottles and wide mouth medicine bottles
(10)The bottom shape of the bottle is designed for greater flexibility.
(11)IBM bottle can realize the bacterial-free packaging of products.Aseptic packaging is a key point in the development of pharmaceutical bottles, aseptic packaging can extend the shelf life of drug packaging, can make the drug packaging more safe.