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1000ml Pesticide bottle run on injection blow machine MSZ70, weight is around 85g,with 3 cavities capacity around 350pcs/h. Max weight we can achieve 128g per bottle. Difficult points: The wall thickness of the product is more than 1.5mm , need precise design of preform to keep uniform wall thickness,specially,Victor technology can keep [...]

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300ml jar run on injection blow machine MSZ50, 3 cavities capacity around 500pcs/h. Difficult points: The jar diameter is 93mm , should run with special design of bottom part ,also with independent temperature control for each nozzle,to get better wall thickness of the sample.

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Roll on bottle

1.Industrial Use: Personal care and cosmetic. 2.Bottle material: HDPE or PP 3.Sealling type:Roll on 4.Products name: Perfume Deodorant containers roll ball cosmetic bottle. 5.Usage: Prefume 6.Cap fittment:Screw cap+roll on ball

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HDPE paste bottles made from IBM machine

Paste bottles need special testing method with glue for sealing check and warehouse holding time, and need strict requriement for HDPE material. Victor Machinery has good experience for bottle design and cap design for excellent sealing solution, and will recommend a suitable thickness to ensure all bottle squeezable.

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IBM machine , Best choice for Pill Bottles

IBM machine is designed firstly for pill bottles for replacing glass bottle, no broken when transportation. Now Victor IBM machine MSZ30 to MSZ95S can make pill bottles from 10ml to 250ml, also 300ml to 1000ml avaliable if customer need big size. We can guarantee neck top lip flat enough for aluminum foil [...]

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Applicability of large capacity capsule bottle made by injection blow molding machine

There are many kinds of production technology of large capacity capsule bottle, generally using extrusion blow molding(EBM) and injection blow molding(IBM) two kinds of technology.Compared with the two technologies, the IBM technology is more suitable for the production of capsule bottles,the advantages as follow: (1)The mechanical strength of the bottle body is [...]

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New application of IBM technology——Spring bottle

Gynecological irrigator is made of medical polymer material,It is suitable for the treatment of women’s daily washing and gynecological diseases.It is divided into flushing head and flushing bottle (commonly known as spring bottle).At present, there are many shortcomings in the spring bottles produced by traditional technology in the market,such as rough edges, [...]

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1.MACHINE MODEL : MSZ50S 2.PROJECT POINTS 1). MSZ50S first design for IML machine , adjust for the mold open and close& rotation in IML function. 2). Without lable, bottle shoulder middle area is very thicker, not cooling well, showing white area, then after increase all thickess in shoulder area and increase the [...]

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MOULD FOR Effervescent tablets TUBE and cap

The effervescent tablets on the market are basically flat cylinders, stacked in straight tubes.Because effervescent tablets are easy to absorb moisture and relatively loose and fragile, the mouth of the tube needs to be sealed with a spring cover to prevent shaking, and the cap is also equipped with a desiccant.If the [...]

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Development of Sanitizer bottle

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, with the emphasis on sanitation and epidemic prevention, the demand for epidemic prevention materials have been rising crazily.The sudden influx of orders has disrupted Victor’s production schedule, but it has also brought business opportunities.Through sorting out customer information, our company found that the increase of disinfectant [...]

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