The effervescent tablets on the market are basically flat cylinders, stacked in straight tubes.Because effervescent tablets are easy to absorb moisture and relatively loose and fragile, the mouth of the tube needs to be sealed with a spring cover to prevent shaking, and the cap is also equipped with a desiccant.If the tube is not filled with effervescent tablets,the cap can be without desiccant.The product design is well established: the cap is a multi-layer structure and the tube is a thin-walled, slender cylinder.
The tube is thin wall (wall thickness around 1mm) and slender (length more than 100mm), the eccentricity should be controlled within 0.1mm on each side, so the rigidity of the mold is required to be better.Therefore, the tube mold adopts hot runner and the exhaust system is mounted on the core. The whole shape of the core is integrated, and the fixed part of the core has a large diameter to prevent eccentricity.
For the cover mold, due to different uses, the whole cover is divided into desiccant layer, spring layer, sealing layer, buckle layer and other different concentric circles.The structure of the mold is realized by different kinds of tubes, and the ejection is also carried out in order from the inside to the outside.One of the most difficult is the processing of the spring, and ensure the precise order of ejection.
Our company has experience in processing the above two molds. The eccentricity of the pipe has been controlled between 0.03 and 0.1mm, and the hot runner is fully automatic.The cover mold has also conquered the design and processing of the spring part.Both mold is fully automatic hot runner.