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IML bottles

1.In mold labeling for IBM PROJECT POINTS
1). MSZ50S first design for IML machine ,adjust the mold open and close & rotation in IML function.
2). Without lable,bottle shoulder middle area is very thicker, not cooling well, showing white area, then after increase all thickness in shoulder area and increase the material barrel temperature then problem solved
3). Lable area and label position are very small which will difficult to adjust it, solution is to increase the lable size and get all label full.

Label size is very small which is too difficult for robot hand vacuum system.

Solve the problem for the client manual labelling problem, it is very difficult to stick the label by hand for smaller size lable.

Increase working efficiency at least 60%.

Project got high reputation from client and good market feedback .

1. How to make plastic bottles for packaging?What kind of machine we suggest?

Before we start the project,we have to know the product material,like HDPE,LDPE, PP or PET……?

It should run with 100% raw material for medicine bottles,and usually put color master to avoid sunlight.

And hot products FOB bottles

Our injection blow machine is suitable for PP and PE material.If you want to make bottles less than 800ml,it will be a good idea to run on this kind of machine,it is one step blow machine and no need to cut the neck or bottom because no flash.

If you are newcomers in this industry,it is more easier start from MSZ30 injection blow machine,and it is suitable for small product less than 500ml.

2. So,how to arrange the whole project?

If you plan to build a factory with around 3sets of machine,you can arrange cooling tower like 50Ton to cool machines like 25 degrees,but this is not necessary,you also can arrange chiller instead of it.

Now we come to auto-loader(feed material automatic),and also can put color mixer together to feed the material.
Then,each injection blow machine need 2-3sets of Mold temperature controller,one control the lower temperature like 80 degrees,and another one control the higher temperature like 120 degrees.

Finally need arrange Chiller(cooling mold like 15degrees) and Air compressor with tank and dryer(around 10 bar air)

We also have in-mold labeling system for your options(need special label such as YUPO labels),please contact with us for more details.

When you finish the bottles,maybe need leak tester to check the product quality,also the bagging machine to pack the products in bag,we have turn key solution,look forward to do cooperation with you.Thank you.

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