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Pharmaceutical eye droppers

How to make eye dropper bottles on big IBM machine
Eye dropper bottles is made with LDPE polymer, and LDPE usually sensitive for temprature, before blowing easy to shrink and make bottom weak, especially side cavities. So usually make eye dropper bottles on small IBM machine for easy quality check.
Victor use speical temprature control for machine and mold, make multi cavity mold temperature even, then can make 5 to 15ml eye dropper bottles in 18 cavities on IBM machine MSZ70/MSZ70S.

1. How do we make the eye dropper bottle turn key line? And Which machine model u are suggested to use according to your capacity ?

Before manufacturing the eye dropper bottle, we need to make sure that we have the necessary equipment and personnel available. You need LDPE or PP plastic raw materials, master-batch, and machine operators.

2. Flow chart of bottle making project

1).Machine model reference
2).Let me guide u how to choose the bottle making machine model
For example 5ml , bottle diameter around 20mm, capacity in 3000~3600pcs/h. According to the bottle diameter, then can consider bottle body center distance in 35mm. It can make in 9 cavities, cycle time is 9s around. Then capacity calculation like this 60/9*9*60=3600pcs/h. Then choose our MSZ30 injection blowing molding machine for bottle making.

3. Flow chart of cap & nozzle making project

A) For cap and nozzle making need to consider injection molding machine.

B) Cap mold structure, hot runner and cold runner mold structure difference.

Hot runner ejection by force
Cold runner unscrewing

C)  Finish products difference

D) Normal mold dimension for reference.

12 Cavities unscrewing cap cold runner mold :
mold dimension , W*H*T :420*600*430mm
Injection molding machine recommend 170T
24 cavities nozzle cold runner mold:
mold dimension : W*H*T : 310*340*250mm
Injection molding machine recommend 100T

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