Products: Tube bottle 120ml
Material: HDPE MALEX5502
Cavities : 4cavities
Cycle time:15s
Bottle weight:12g(According to client request )
Capacity in one hour: 960~1000 pcs/h.
Application: Pharmeceutical packing
Process flow chart: Share samples, design drawing, confirmed drawing, mold parts start, T1 samples (45days after signed drawing )

Victor IBM machine + leak deductor + bagging machine

Victor IBM machine can work with leak deductor and bagging machine as one auto production line for small PP/PE bottles.

Lady Cream jar making line

Machine model: MSZ30 injection blowing molding machine

Famound Ponds JAR volume 75ml
PP wide mouth jar,
Cavities : 4cavities
Bottle weight : 12g
Cycle time:15s
Capacity in one hour:960 pcs/h.
Bottle material: PP
Application: Lady cream packing

Victor Hybrid injection molding machine MSZ30

Machine run with low noise and fast rotation, screw charge also drove by servo motor, make machine running smoothly and fast, the safety guiding device to meet European requirement.

VICTOR MACHINERY give you colorful world

5 /10/ 15 ml eye dropper bottle turn key line

MSZ 30 Injection blowing molding machine,
5ml , 9 cavities, cycle time 9s, capacity 3600pcs/h.
Cap making line, 140T injection molding machine.
12 cavities, cycle time 20~22s , unscrewing, capacity like 2160pcs/h.
Nozzle making line, 140T injection molding machine
16 cavities, cycle time 16s, ejection by force, capacity like 3600pcs/h.

If u are interested in the turn key line, choose Victor , then choose whole project solution.

MSZ70S-HE Hybrid synergy drive machine

High speed, less noise, smoothly running with 25% less power consumption.
Suitable for making : HDPE , PP , PS material.
Volume : 5ml ~1000ml bottle.
Demo: baby powder bottles
Application : cosmetic, pharma, pesticide, food packing.

IBM machine for roll-one bottles
Victor has excellent experience for roll-on bottles, material HDPE or PP, volume usually 25ml to 200ml. We can provide total solution for you include cap molds for the best fitment.

Shampoo and lotion bottle making 200ML
Machine model: MSZ30 injection blowing molding machine
Bottle volume 300ml
PP wide mouth jar , transparent
Cavities : 3cavities
Bottle weight : 24g
Cycle time:17s
Capacity in one hour: 650 pcs/h.
Bottle material: PP
Application: shampoo and lotion packing

Injection blow machine for PP bottle
40ml PP roll on bottle run on injection blow machine MSZ50,
8cavities capacity around 1500pcs/h , diameter is around 35mm,height is around 75mm,neck is around 24mm,weight is around 8g.

Health care tablet containers
under virus condition,people more care for health,so this kind of containers requirement increased by market.VICTOR IBM is the best choise for such bottles with high capacity and more smoonth neck lips safty for end user.this video made by our Marketing team.our team specialized for technology,also good at learning new things.if u are interesting,pls do contact with us.

Injection blow machine with leak tester
100ml medicine bottle run on injection blow machine MSZ30,4cavities capacity around 1000pcs/h , diameter is around 53mm,height is around 90mm,neck is around 24mm,weight is around 15g.With single head high speed leak tester,speed 1500-3000pcs/h.

Stationery glue bottle family show
make on high speed machine MSZ50S ,high speed ,high capacity.

IBM made Fast Adhesive bottles
Fast curing adhesive use HDPE bottle is widely used on metal, wood and plastic surface sticking. Victor Machinery can help customer for product design and molds making for bottle and caps.

Coconut oil protect your hair
this container is popular at india market which produced by Marico brand.we helped customer reduce much weight from EBM to IBM technology,customer satisfy with our IBM samples in less weight and stand well with uniform wall thickness.we also helped customer development volume from 30ml to 250ml in HDPE and PP order to meet market huge demand,VICTOR machinery will together with Marico development big containers up to 500ml.pls wait for our update news soon.

Machine model: MSZ70S
Machine character:Dry cycle is only 2s, with synchoronous mold opening & closing towing lifting,Faster speed , make bottle forming easier.Better hydraulic system make the production cost more economical and reduce the energy consumption of servo machine by 10~15%.Noise less than 80db, comfortable operation for the man-machine interface .New machine structure with self-lock system, more safety for operator. Bottle volume 300cc thick bottleCavities : 6 cavitiesBottle weight :50gCycle time:31sCapacity in one hour:690pcs/hBottle material: HDPEHealth care application bottle

Machine model: MSZ30
Glue bottle, MSZ30 can make 6 cavity , cycle time around 16s , capacity around 1350pcs per hour .

Eye dropper bottles making machine
Victor IBM machine, make eye dropper bottles high quality, wall thickness uniform, no mismatching, cycle time fast depends on bottle weight. A best choice for small PP, PE bottles !We also make molds for cap and plugs as a turn-key production line.Contact us without hesitate!