Pharmaceutical spring bottles

New application of IBM technology——Spring bottle
Gynecological irrigator is made of medical polymer material, It is suitable for the treatment of women’s daily washing and gynecological diseases. It is divided into flushing head and flushing bottle (commonly known as spring bottle). At present, there are many shortcomings in the spring bottles produced by traditional technology in the market, such as rough edges, cut marks at the bottom, poor thread size, poor sealing, uneven wall thickness, thick seam line and other defects on the appearance or function.The most important thing is that the bottles need to be reprocessed, which is difficult to meet the requirements of GMP that human hands are not exposed.
Our company has conducted market research and existing technical analysis on this category of products, and found that spring bottles are not only different from ordinary containers in appearance, but also have special requirements on tightness, flexibility and transparency. Through the continuous research and development from Victor Machinery, it is found that this type of spring bottle can be processed by injection blowing molding technology. The IBM spring bottle has uniform wall thickness, better elastic feel, exquisite appearance, and the neck part also maintains the consistent advantages of IBM: accurate size and good sealing.IBM process is a one-time molding, there is no extra material need to be reworked, avoid the pollution sources in the production process, save material cost and labor cost.
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